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over 7 years ago

SweetLabs requirement removed

Dear Multi-Hackers,

Last week a member of our community made us aware of a potential issue with the SweetLabs Software Principles requirement.

Because we wish to remove any potential barriers to building a submission, we are immediately removing the requirement that Windows desktop apps built for the Multi-Touch Multi-Hack adhere to the SweetLabs Software Principles.

So that Lenovo can promote the winning apps with confidence, we do need to assert that all submitted applications adhere to Lenovo’s security criteria. These criteria stipulate that submitted applications should not:


  • Include any malware or spyware
  • Facilitate the spread of malware; additionally the submitter's website cannot be or have been engaged in the distribution of malware
  • Install any non-core products not disclosed to the user
  • Deceptively warn the user that uninstalling the application will have any adverse effect

We sincerely hope this change makes building a submission more straightforward.

The Multi-Touch Multi-Hack Team


We're here to help. If you have any questions about the hackathon, post on the discussion forum or email and we'll respond as soon as we can.