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over 7 years ago

New prize - Microsoft Dev Benefits Pack

We’re pumped to announce that we’re adding the Microsoft Developer Master Level Benefits Pack to ALL the Multi-Touch Multi-Hack prizes.

Your submission will now be up for $25,000 in cash prizes and access to this suite of benefits to help make your multi-touch project an app store standout.

From architecture and design guidance sessions to discounts on localization and marketing services to Windows Store promotion, the benefits pack is a major addition to any developer’s toolbox.

Don’t miss out! Review this checklist to make sure your app is eligible for prizes:

  1. Make sure you state how your application includes multi-use multi-touch technologies.
  2. Demo your app via video screencast or a mobile phone video and upload it to Youtube or Vimeo.
  3. Provide your app for testing and include testing instructions in your submission.

Remember: submissions must be in by 5pm ET Tuesday, June 14, to be considered.

Good luck!



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